Thursday, April 29, 2010

Message Board

We have plenty of message boards in my house.

It's great for tacking on coupons or phone #'s. Sort of like the face of a fridge.

Or how about when I crafted this one?

I use this one a lot less. I guess because I don't yet have a great place to put it...

The kids have one MAJOR rule at my house. ( least my oldest does because he's the only one old enough to go places by himself...).

If you go somewhere, make sure someone knows where you are.

About 3 years ago, I had to quick run to the store. I grabbed my toddler son and went outside to get my oldest.
He was nowhere in sight...
I tried calling his name, I checked the neighbor's houses...
Couldn't find him...
I started panicking!
I strapped my little guy in the van and started driving all around the neighborhood, yelling for him.
(Got some strange looks on that one!)
I finally drove home so that I could call my husband....
There he was, crying on the front porch.
He never told me he left our yard to play with a friend, he came home, and I was gone! (Out looking for him, lol!)
That event was a great teaching tool. It showed him that my rules aren't meant to be mean, but for safety!
Now he always lets us know where he's going ;)

Anyways, so I figured I would help give my kids options for this rule. My oldest is 10, and before I know it, he'll be old enough to be at home by himself. I know that I need a good place to write notes to each other to communicate.
I remember writing my mom notes all the time, to tell her where I was going <3

My mudroom was the perfect place!
I was working with this:

Yes, I know I still have St. Patty's Day decor up.
See that lime pastel green color?

I changed it out to white.
That way if I ever get bored with the room color, I will never have to paint the door again!

Oh, just a warning, the picture quality on this post is going to be terrible. I was in too much of a hurry dealing with a setting sun to care about getting that "perfect" picture.

I found this old clipboard in my basement. It was my husband's.

I think I'm going to stop nagging my husband about being a pack rat.
I seem to find a lot of cool stuff in his "junk" bins =)

It even had a cool map of the city on the back.
No cool history on this one.
It was his clipboard from his pizza delivery guy days!

So I found a pencil and drilled a hole near the top.

I threaded it through, tied it off, then tied the other end to the clipboard.

I purchased some velcro and stuck that on the top and bottom.

Then I smooshed it on my door.

It's also a perfect place to write love notes to my husband!

Don't worry! I haven't forgotten about the playhouse! I'm just waiting until I get further along for more "WOW" factor!
It's almost ready for paint, so stick around to catch that!

I am also about to start 3 MAJOR projects, two requiring building permits. I have only a two week window between the end of my spring semester and the start of my summer semester (yes, I take classes in the summer!), so I'm going to try busting butt to get as much done in that window as possible!

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