Friday, January 29, 2010

4-way Message Center

Oh how I love projects that barely cost anything!

Here's one that I did a few weeks ago:

4 way message Center
-The other finial leftove from my apothecary jar project (free!)
-4x4 post in my scrap bin (free!)
-epoxy (free!)
-twine (free!)
-metal scrap sheet leftover from this project:

(that project only cost me $5! The frame was scrap leftover from my deck railings!)
-cork and burlap leftover from my other message board project (free!)
-clip from Walmart ($1 maybe?)
-candlestick and plaque from Hobby Lobby ($5-$7 maybe?)

So I epoxied all my parts together. Refer to the picture to see how I put that together.

Then I primed and painted it in a flat black.
No picture of that. I must have been lazy that day.

So here are the parts:

I hotglued twine around the edges and made a button on  the top. Easy.

Paper Pad
I epoxied a magnetic clip to the top of the 4x4 to create a holder for a writting pad. Another easy one.

Magnetic Board
I cut a scrap piece of sheet metal to size with snips, put epoxy on the back, pressed it firmly into place, then sat books on top of it until it dried.

I cut a piece of cork board to size, wrapped it up in leftover burlap, and hot glued that to the last side. I used extra button thumbtacks from my giveaway.

And the finished product:

It would make a great centerpiece ;)

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