Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Own Pegboard

After making the message board for the giveaway, it made me realize that I really needed a new one.
This is the one that I've had for years:

It was just getting too small.
So I spied out this frame on clearance at Walmart.

I LOVE the medalion in the middle!
But this darn frame had a ledge of wood so that it would be more like a shadowbox. So that had to come out.

Then the tiny nails holding the wood in had to come out.

Then I gave it the same burlap treatment as my giveaway pegboard.

And now I have a much more beautiful pegboard!



Now I just have to make those cute button thumbtacks and I'll be all set!

Sara from So Cute by Sara- You are the winner to the Pegboard Giveaway, but you need to contact me or else a new winner will be picked this Saturday! Click "Contact Me" above and shoot me and email!


  1. very cute but your things usually are. Don't forget to enter into the $50 shopping spree at Starting Over

  2. I have this on my 2010 list...I sure do hope that mine turs out as PRETTY as yours...what a great job you did here!



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