Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Reupholstered Corner Bench

Remember in my Growth Chart and Roll Pillow posts, I mentioned something about making a "pocket pillow?" I was going to, but I really liked how my bed looked with just the roll pillow. Everything was symmetical. I like that.

So what was I going to do with this triangular-shaped valance? Note that the fabric is the same as one of my throw pillows!

I took a look around my room and noticed my lonely ugly bench. I built this corner bench for my husband when we first bought our house. I cringed every morning when he would put on his socks and shake the whole bed for 5 minutes in the process. He never used it. Ever!

It's upholstered in a dirt-collecting fuzzyball-creating white fabric. I hated it the second I stapled it on. Look at this thing!..

So the idea pops into my head. Corner bench+triangle valance= The Perfect Fit!!

I got out my trusty staple gun and went to town on that bad boy! Wow! What a difference!..

So I stuck my beautiful, calming fountain on it (knowing damn well it still won't be used as a bench), a basket underneath, and look how gorgeous it is now!...

Notice how the basket is too small for the space? It's driving me nuts! I was thinking about putting a floral arrangement on the front and using the basket to house some slippers, but I still don't think it'll give it enough bulk. Give me some ideas!!!


  1. Stack up some books under the basket to raise it up...lean a couple up against the side, and put some in it. I love decorating with books!

  2. Most of my books are old college books or kids books. I think stacking some underneath is genius! I don't know if I want to put any in it, it's not a really sturdy basket, but thanks for the idea!

  3. I'm going in a whole new direction with it. I'll show you an "after" picture when I get this project done


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