Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hardware Template

Here's a cheap way to put hardware on any door or cabinet flawlessly without buying any expensive equipment.

Here's my closet door before. Note that there's already a small hole where a knob used to be. The old owners must have taken it off, because I've never seen a knob there. I bought tons of hardware on ebay for my kitchen cabinets, and still have a lot of hardware left. So I thought "why not the closet doors?".....

So I made a template...

1. Use an index card.
2.Place your card on your door/cabinet and tape it in place.
3. Decide how far you want your hardware from the egdge by placing your hardware on your index card to the desired place.
4. Mark where the hardware touches the card. Punch holes into the card in these locations.
5. Mark arrows pointing to where the egdge is. This way you don't end up using the other side of the card and get differenct distances.

Just measure down/up to the holes at a consistant measurement each time, and you will get professional-looking results without the price. Making a template also guarantees to reduce the total project time.

Here's my closet after...

Don't you love this hardware? It's classic!...

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