Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Roll Pillow

Alright, I lied about the project that I was going to post today. I ran into a problem, and until I run to the hardware store, I can't finish the project. Hopefully tomorrow though!


Remember I promised a few how-to's? Well let's get one done today!

Roll Pillow
-foam sheet (any thickness will do. If you have a small thickness, it will just need to be rolled many more times)
-string/ribbon/twine (Anything that can tie)
-needle and thread
Ignore the peace necklace. I used the string for part of the pillow, and will be using the medallion on something else. It was a funny gift from a good friend...

Roll your foam sheet into the shape/size you want. Temporarily secure it with strings. Fold your fabric over the foam with the back side facing out. Pin it together. Zip this through your sewing machine (I hand sew mine since I still can't work a sewing machine)...

Turn your case right-side-out. Stuff your foam inside the pillow (you can take the strings off now). The ends are still flopping out, right? Well, if I can cut any corners to avoid sewing, I will. So what I did was tuck the excess fabric into itself to give a nice clean edge. Then I tied a string around it. It makes a little ruffle.

Then I tied strings over the length of the pillow (refer to the picture below) since I didn't like the "tube" look. It really adds some funky character! All done!....

Here's a picture of it among my sea of pillows on my bed (I have an obsession, there's 9 there!)....

And here's a wider shot of the pillow in my bedroom. Note the new curtains that I mentioned I was getting in my Growth Chart post. This roll pillow was made out of my old curtains (the pocket pillow will also be made out of my bedroom curtains, but in blue) so I needed something new to put up. The scarf frames the bed much better than the valance that was up....

So, once I head to the hardware store and get what I need, I'll get the next project done and you'll have a good "tip." Stay tuned!

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