Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 25: Take Care of Yourself When You're Sick

"Do as I say, not as I do."
My dad's favorite saying =).
In a perfect world, we would sleep our sicknesses away. People would wait on us hand and foot, bringing us chicken noodle soup, breakfast in bed, hot teas. Mmmmm...

I'm EXTREMELY sick right now. I've had a sore throat for the past week, but it turned into something epic.
Not only is my nose dripping goo, but my eye is, too!
Ick, enough of the graphic details.

Anyways, unfortunately, this isn't a perfect world. I had to get up early this morning to study for an exam tonight. Afterwards, I have to read 2 chapters, write a paper, and submit it before my class tomorrow morning. That means it will be a late night tonight. After my class, I took a coworker's shift. Then I work all day Saturday.


BUT I know how important rest is when you're sick, so my husband has been extremely cooperative with waiting on me. He's running my errands, taking care of the kids, cooking, and cleaning.

He's my hero <3

So, though it may seem hypocritical to "demand" that you take care of yourself when you're sick, when here I am with an insane schedule, I'm just reminding you to enlist help when you can.

Now excuse me while cuddle up in my Snuggie with some Chai Tea, school books, tissues, and Vicks.
Give me some "Get Well Soon" comments to cheer me up and I'll throw your name in to the giveaway for all this free stuff!


  1. Aw, get well soon! I hope you feel better and have some time to rest and recuperate.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  2. Oh, being sick is no fun and it always seems to happen when you can't have complete downtime (like with kids that ever happens). Hope you feel better soon!


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