Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 26: Vitamin C

I hope everyone knows the one major benefit of Vitamin C: an immune system booster.
Maybe if I had been getting more Vitamin C, I wouldn't have gotten pinkeye, a sinus infection, and pharyngitis.
Yup, all three...

Why do I need it?
1. Works as an antioxidant
2. Boosts collagen formation (buh-bye wrinkles!)
3. Breaks down cholesterol
4. Boosts metabolism
5. Helps heal wounds faster.

How much do I need?
All women age 19 years and above need at least 75 mg per day.
If your a male reader, or just trying to get your spouse on the right track, men need about 90 mg per day.

Can I take too much?
YES! Do NOT take over 2,000 mg a day. It becomes toxic! If you are taking a Vitamin C-enriched daily multivitamin, don't start hoarking down oranges and chewing those (yummy) Vitamin C tablets.

How can I get it?
Check out this chart from Anytime Health to keep track of how many mg you are getting.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) - Anytime Health: "FoodServing sizeVitamin C content (mg)
Strawberries --1 cup --95mg
Papaya --1 cup --85mg
Kiwi-- 1 medium--70mg
Orange  1 medium  70mg
Pepper, red or green, -- raw½ cup--65mg
Broccoli, cooked--½ cup--60mg
Cantaloupe--¼ medium--60mg
Kale, cooked--1 cup--55mg
Brussels sprouts, cooked--½ cup--50mg
Orange juice--½ cup--50mg
Pepper, red or green, cooked--½ cup--50mg
Mango--1 cup--45mg
Grapefruit--½ medium--40mg
Snow peas, fresh, cooked--½ cup--40mg
Grapefruit juice--½ cup--35mg
Artichoke, boiled--1 medium--30mg
Sweet potato, baked with skin--1 medium--28mg
Potato, baked with skin--1 medium--25mg
Avocado--1 medium--24mg
Pineapple--1 cup--24mg
Cauliflower, raw--½ cup--23mg
Snow peas, frozen, cooked--1/2 cup--20mg

Doesn't seem that hard of a number to reach, hey?

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