Saturday, December 19, 2009

Squirrel Love

Just when I had given up all hope of a cute furry friend finding my Yummy Pinecone Treat, I caught this guy having a 5 hour meal.
The cutest part was watching him trying to get all the peanut butter off his cute little paws.
If you want a how-to on making this for the squirrels or birds in your area, click the photo above.

And there's tonight's sneak peeks. Sorry for my lack of them, I've been trying hard to finish this project since I have family coming in this weekend.
I also did a couple really REALLY cute projects, but since they tie in with my reveal, I can't show you.
Even if I don't complete this reveal completely by Christmas, I promise you'll see it on/before then. So stick around!

Coming up:
-my dressed table (post on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning)
-twine garland (after Christmas)
-fun herb pots (after Christmas)
-a look at my Christmas tree in it's full glory (post on Christmas Eve)
-pictures of Christmas Day at my house (post the day after)
-more sneak peeks!

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