Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winterized Planter Boxes

Remember that I was talking about that terrible blizzard that came through my area and dropped 14 inches of snow on us?
Well, apparently it took down part of my tree as well.
This picture doesn't do it justice. More than half of the branch was buried in the 14 inches of snow.
I pouted for a bit.
But why not turn something sucky into something beautiful?
The inspiration for this project came from my Grandma's house, where a nice man did this exact same thing to her flower boxes.

I cut off the branches and strategically places them in the flower boxes, draping some over.
Here's the other one.
I still have all this mess left.
I'm thinking about making a real wreath or garland, but we'll see how ambitious I get.
Oh! And I just found out that my brother is coming into town this Sunday! I haven't seen him in a year, since he's in the service and all, so I'm as giddy as can be!
Anyways, here's what to look for in the future:
-sneak peeks of my big project (it's getting there!)
-the 22nd will be my big holiday dinner, so keep an eye out for that dressed table I've been talking about!
-a look at this year's X-mas tree
-maybe some more holiday recipes and decor.
-if I make the living wreath/garland, I'll show you that!

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