Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Busy Bee

Alright, so here's my excuses for my absence:

1. I made some awesome cupcakes. No recipes. I just used the boxed stuff. They didn't last long. I left the house for a while, and my "garbage disposal" took the liberty of eating most of them.

2. We went to my cousin's wedding. It was by far the most gorgeous wedding I've ever attended. I'm so glad to have welcomed a lovely lady to our family. Pictured left to right: Elisa (my sister-in-law), Ethan (my nephew), Will, John, Hailey (my kids), Joe (my husband), and me!

3. The morning after the wedding, we brought my family to the zoo!

4. I've been staining parts of my railings. I did this on my front porch earlier this summer. It's a very tedious, annoying job, so I've put off doing my back deck. But since I had the stain out for my faux french door, I decided to start the railings again.

5 & 6. A before and after of a pot that I spray painted an aged gold. It looks much better in my kitchen. I've also re-potted 4 other plants in my house. The poor buggers were choking themselves in their roots. It seems like all I do is re-pot when I have 28 house plants. (Jungle?)

So there's a little recap. Today I'm working on a very small project, and I'll give you a how-to on how to do this simple procedure flawlessly tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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