Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Name Frames

I took down my baby's crib a couple weeks ago, and this blank wall was staring at me...

Then I saw this post on one of my favorite blogs: A Little Bit Vintage

I really loved the picture frames with the little girl's name on it, so I decided that's what would go on this huge blank wall.

So here's what I did:

Name Frames


-Picture frames (1 frame per letter in the name)

-Scrapbook paper


-Scrapbooking doo-dads


-computer and printer

I had a lot a lot of random frames lying around. I wanted them all to be white. Add spray paint to your list if you don't buy the frames in the color you want. Here's my supplies laid out...

I disassembled the frames and laid them out in the backyard to be spraypainted...

Then I started scrapbooking the pages. I printed out each letter from the computer and cut it out, gluing it onto my scrapbook page. Here's the mess I was making on my floor...

I'll give you a look at each frame so that you can have a better look at how I scrapbooked each...







And here's the whole thing put together...

Ya like???


  1. Hey glad my daughter's frames inspires are too sweet! ;) Yours turned out great! Have a fab weekend!



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