Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Terra Cotta Windchime

I know that the next post should be my bathroom remodel, but I need to give a corner one more coat of Canary Yellow (yes, I know), but my silverware windchime fell down, and until I get another ceramic drill bit (other one bit the dust), I can't fix it. So I decided to make a really quick windchime to replace it. I bought a whole box of assorted sized terracotta pots for 50 cents a few weeks ago, and I've been dieing for a way to get rid of the ridiculously small ones. So here you are:

Terra Cotta Windchime

-terra cotta pots all the same size (use as many as you want)
-farmer's twine (whatever length, depending on how many pots you use)

When I say "make a knot," that means to make it bigger than the whole on the bottom of the planter, for obvious reasons

1. Make a knot about 4-6 inches from the bottom on your twine. Fray all the twine under this knot (the 4-6 inches)

2. Place a pot face down on the knot.

3. Make another knot about 2 inches above the pot.

4. Place a pot face down on that knot.

5. Continue this until you feel you have enough pots. Tie a know on top of the top pot to secure everything, then hang!

***If you decide to use bigger pots, you will need to space the knots 4-5 inches***

Hopefully tomorrow I will display my bathroom.

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