Friday, July 10, 2009

Headboard Garden

I had an amazing rummaging experience last week, but first I need to put a little backstory past you:
2 years ago, I went to a garage sale. Some good stuff, some bad. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a "free" sign by a tree. A cute little headboard. I figured, "why not?" I decided to use it as a little border on a corner of my driveway. I HATED IT. Every time I drove into my driveway, I cringed inside. I loved the headboard, but it was just too dinky.
So, last week, oddly, I stumbled onto the same exact headboard! They wanted $10 for it, but I wasn't going to pay that for something I was just going to stick in the ground. I got 1/2 off. I love haggling. So I rearranged the headboards, posted a bird feeder between them, and WALA! A much better corner garden! Now I love it! Eventually I will be putting a pretty white lamp-post where the bird feeder is, but in due time. One step at a time.
So that brings me to this once again: cottage-style is about treasures that you find. Repurposing objects.
Now I must depart and fight off a swarm of wasps that invaded my beloved trellis >.<

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