Monday, July 27, 2009

Gazebo Bird Feeder

I found these tiny gazebos that had fake flowers sticking out of the openings at garage sale a few years back. They were absolutely ugly, yet I had to have them. They sat in my basement for two years. Then I finally got a brilliant idea for them.

Gazebo Bird Feeders
-metal plate with hole (diameter of the pole)
-mighty putty
-spray paint

***an easier way to do this is with a threaded pipe and nuts, but I found that they were much more expensive that way, and I'm cheap, and this way works just as well.***

1. Spray paint your gazebo. I did mine in white.

2. Attach your plate to the bottom of the feeder with your screws. I used long screws so that it would stick out a bit. Squirrels aren't as graceful as birds, and it does help ward them off.

3. Put a bunch of mighty putty in the hole, then stick the pole in the hole. Wrap a bunch more of mighty putty around where the pole meets the plate for added security.

4. Let that dry for about an hour.

5. Stick the pole in the ground, fill
with bird seed, and watch the birds!

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