Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jazzed-up Flower Boxes

I know I promised some more how-to's. So here's one of them:

Jazzed-up Flower Boxes
I was originally going to wait to post this because I was going to make some flower boxes for the front porch and then post a complete how-to, but then I realized that there are so many ways and styles to build flower boxes, and you can decide how you want it! Surf the web for a how-to on a style you like!

This how-to I did on exsisting flower boxes.

Upholstery nails
tape measure or ruler

1. Dip your stamp in your stain (I chose a star b/c I'm in LOVE with barn stars) and randomly stamp all around the flower box. Wait for it to dry.
2. Place little dots all around the perimeter of the face of the flower box every inch with your tape measure.
3. Hammer in your upholstery nails on the dots. They MAY turn out crooked b/c the nails like to bend a bit. I'm not that anal about things, and I think imperfection can have more charm, but whatever.

Future How-to's:
-garden room divider.
-rock mosiac wall hanging
-Broken concrete patio

? lbs. (didn't weigh myself today)

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