Saturday, May 2, 2009


I am missing church tomorrow, and it's a real bummer b/c the Sunday school kids are all going to Bay Beach (anyone local would know it). My husband and I were going to accompany the kids down there. Be a nice family day. But I will be covering someone's shift tomorrow. My boss has put everyone on notice that if they need a shift covered, call me first.
I haven't been to work in over 5 months. Business slowed, and they didn't need me. But they just got done firing all the full-time ppl, so I'm in business again.
And ya know what? I'm actually super-excited.
If you haven't noticed from all the advertising in my older posts, I work at Younkers. And I absolutely love it there. It's a horrible paying job, but I still love it. It's the only job I've had that I look forward to going to each and every day. Weird, eh?

So though I miss out on a day of fun, I get to once again be amongst friends, and loyal customers that I dearly have been missing.

And don't even think "it's just a crummy cashier job." It really is more than that.

Anyways, tomorrow will be an awesome day.

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