Friday, May 1, 2009

Mason Jar Luminaries

2 posts in one day! I have the lumiaries done, so here's the HOW-TO that I promised

Mason Jar Luminaries
Mason jars (whatever size you want)
White/red/brown tissue paper
Decoupage medium (or you can do white glue/water)
Leaves/flowers decorative paper punches
Sponge brush
Plastic cups

I'll tell you the directions to making the exact same ones that I made, but feel free to play around with color/shapes/sizes!!

1. Rip up a bunch of chunks of white tissue paper. They don't need to be uniform. Or they can be perfect shapes. Whatever.
2. Pour your medium in a plastic cup. Start sponging your white tissue paper all over the jar. Repeat for each jar. Let dry.
3. Fold your tissue paper in half a bunch of times to get the paper thick enough so that it doesn't tear when you use your punch. Punch a bunch of the leaf pattern out of the brown paper. Sponge that all on and let dry.
4. Do the same as above, except with red tissue paper and the flower punch. Let dry.
5. Brush your medium all over the jars to really seal it in so that they can be used outdoors. Dry.
6. Put pebbles or anything heavy on the bottom for weight if you will be using these outside and leaving them there.
7. Put a candle in and enjoy!

Like I said, try out different punches, colors of tissue paper, different sized mason jars. No, you don't need to use mason jars. It works well on any glass surface. Do bowls, hurricanes, etc. I just chose mason jars b/c I wanted to have a cover on the top so that I could leave them outside and not have to worry about rain ruining the candle on the inside. Plus they have a nice country/cottage feel to them that I'm going for on the outside of my house.
NOTE--The tops MAY rust after long exposer outdoors. I don't mind, I think it will give it character. But if you don't like rust, either bring the jars indoors or try spraying it with CLEAR RUSTOLEUM!
My jars---

I will post nighttime pics as soon as it gets dark!!

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