Friday, May 1, 2009

This luminary project just won't end

No new recipes. I already posted the spinach spread that I made last night. And we had tenderloin and red potatos on the grill. With the potatos, just wrap them up in aluminum foil and slap them on the grill.
So I'm ALMOST done with the luminaries. I just need to get my flower punchout from Walmart, decoupage them on, let them set, take pictures, post, then stick them outside.
My son's windchime is done drying. I just might hang it and take pictures today.
And we will hopefully be starting our fridge magnets today. If there's enough time because...

I'm going to a banquet today! It's just for student senate, but we feel like getting dolled up to make a night out of it. Fun fun fun day ahead!
Does it seem like I've been even busier than usual? I think so too....don't get me wrong, I usually have a fun adjenda, but lately it's been so much that I don't get everything done. I'm usually so good about that! It doesn't help that I'm taking on so many different projects.

And my job is finally giving me hours again! After firing half the company, they need me back! For those that got fired, I'm dearly sorry......and MANY of you I will miss terribly. So I will be busy busy busy!

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