Monday, April 27, 2009

Why you should love baseball

We had an awesome trip to Great America yesterday. Rained for about half the time, but otherwise, much fun! Once I edit the few pics I took, they will be posted. Too much fun, no time for picture taking! And no recipes from yesterday, but I'm making a crazy dinner tonight. Leftovers mixed with some boxed stuff. Will it taste good? Maybe, we'll see. I'm crossing my fingers.

So baseball season has started. I have to bring my step-son to a practice in an hour. So I feel like making a list of why everyone should start paying more attention to baseball:

1. Baseball players have great butts. I know guys don't care, but I do. Nothing like a cute butt in a tight pair of baseball pants.
2. Baseball is 1,000 times more intense than any sport. Seriously, watch a game. You'll understand.
3. It's okay if you miss a game. With baseball, there are so many games in a season, no one expects you to watch every single one. But you should still keep up on the highlights.
4. It's a lot easier on fans from the northern woods. Football game=froze my tail off Hockey game=froze my tail off Baseball game=enjoyed the beautiful warm weather
5. If you're a Brewer fan, listening to Bob Ueker is enough reason to love baseball.
6. A chance to come home with a souvenier like a foul ball, or someone's game winning home run ball. Hard to do with football, eh?
7. You need season tickets for football. Baseball you can just walk up to the booth and buy a ticket on the game day! (Now of course I'm speaking about Wisconsin teams. But if you are from states like Illinois...ahem...Cubs....then no, sadly you would need season tickets for baseball also)
8. Racing Sausages!!!!! (yes, I do realize this is getting to be a more "why you should love the Brewers" rather than a "Why you should love baseball")
9. Retractable roof. (K, now it's completely about the Brewers)

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