Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Cleaning

It's raining on a Saturday. Is that really fair, God? I had so much I wanted to do today. The husband's gone at camp with the dog. But everything I wanted to do involved being outside. So I tried thinking of some fun rainy-day activities for the kids and me, but I think I should clean this pig-sty of a house. So here's my very own spring-cleaning list (including outside stuff for those lucky enough to NOT HAVE RAIN!)

Curtains---Take the curtains down and throw them in the wash. Follow the care instructions printed on the tag. I don't like to put mine in the dryer. When you re-hang them wet, it should take out the wrinkles. If it doesn't, use your steamer to get the wrinkles out. Don't have one? Younkers just so happens to carry them (hehe)

Windows---Take out the window screens and one-at-a-time put them in your bathtub. Scrub them with a rag (with soap and water). Then rinse them off with your shower head. I have a detachable shower head to make this easier. You can also just spray them down with your garden hose. Let them dry before putting them back up

Closets---Start organizing! If you need to, but those nifty closet-organizers that you can find at a hardware store. Line up shoes that you don't wear often, stuff the leather ones with bunched up newspaper to keep their form (purses too!) If it's your cleaning closet, get rid of stuff that you never use.

Bedrooms--Tear off the sheets and give them a good washing. If your comforter is dry-clean, bring it in. Wash up your pillow cases, and either buy an allergy-reducing cover, or buy a pillow that does the same. Younkers carries both. At that note, everyone should have a mattress pad. It's easier to wash that than your mattress!

Bathrooms--Most toilets use more water than needed to properly flush it's contents down. Put a heavy stone in your tank. Or anything that won't float and takes up enough room. This will make sure that your tank doesn't use as much water. Reduces your bill too!
Take down your shower curtain and wash it up.
Clean out your medicine cabinet. Get rid of any meds that are expired. Don't toss or flush them! That will pollute our ground water and can lead to things like mrsa. Most dr. offices will let you bring them there to get rid of them. inquire
Replace all your toothbrushes

Dining room---If you have a wooden table, go to the store and pick up one of those nifty bottles of wood oil. It prolongs like life of your table and makes it look pretty =)
Wash all your table linens

Kitchen---Insect all your appliances for bad cords.
Clean the coils under your fridge.
Deep-clean your fridge. I like to take all the shelves out when I do this
Most freezers and de-icers these days, but de-ice your freezer if yours is an old model
Organize your pantry. Can goods, boxed goods, cereal, etc.
Clean your oven. A lot are "self cleaning" but I still like to do mine manually just to make sure
Run a cycle of vinegar through your coffee pot

Living room---Take the cushion covers off your furniture and wash as specified.
Organize all those cords behind your entertainment center. There are some nifty kits at Walmart for that

Basement---Oh the dreaded basement. All I can say, is start organizing. Every basement is different, depending on what you use it for and if it's a finished basement.
Clean your filters on you furnace. It'll be in tip-top shape by the time the heating season comes again
Insulate your water heater.
Insulate your pipes. You may want to consult a pro for these tasks.
If you have open-rafters, shop-vac the crap outta those spider webs. They give me the willies

Garage---again, clean according to how you use it. I can't park in mine, bummer.
but give 'er a good hose down after you're done cleaning
Check cords on power tools.
Replace batteries on cordless power tools that are losing their charge
Clean out the beer fridge!

Mud Room---Put a bench in there so everyone can sit while putting on shoes.
Make a place for people to hang their jackets.
Have some way to organize the shoes

Exterior--Clean out those gutters! Put on some gutter screens so that it will at least be every 3 years before you have to look in those gutters again!
Depending on the condition of your siding, pressure wash the dirt off of it. While you're at it, pressure wash your decks/porches too.
Check the seals on all doors leading into the house. Leaks cost money
Wash any oil spots off the driveway. You can try good ol' soap and water, or try a specialty cleaner at your hardware store. Use a push broom to clean.
Clean up any furniture

Yayaya! You're ready to sit back and relax for the warm seasons!

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