Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pizza on the grill, windchimes, luminaries, bubbles

I've been too busy for the past couple days to actually cook for my family. A lot of fast food or cheat-meals. A lot going on in my life, and it's only going to get worse as I start my degree. But, as I type, I'm waiting on a pizza to get done. Just frozen, so don't get all giddy on me. But it's on the grill!

Most of the time if you put a pizza on your grill, it will come out burnt on the bottom, frozen still on the top. Or if you're like my dad, a flaming pizza (the result of getting drunk and forgetting to take the cardboard off the bottom of the pizza) which is, in fact, one of my favorite memories.

So, as an ode to that funny man, I love making pizzas on the grill. But I like to eat pizza without burnt cardboard, so I bought a cool pizza pan (made just for the grill!) at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It's kind of like those grilling woks, but flatter.

The handle on mine folds up for easy storage. Buy one and start grilling!

Also, my son made me an awesome windchime. It's a kit we got from Walmart. Have your kid paint it, then seal it with some varnish (supplied), and hang!

And we may be making our decoupaged luminaries tonight also! I wanted star cutouts, but I forgot to buy the punch while I was at the store, so I may be making a late run there. There will be a HOW-TO soon on that.

My son is currently running through a sea of bubbles. I agreed to buy him a toy, b/c I lied to him today. Not intentionally. I didn't think he was going to get a shot. So I PINKIE SWORE that he wouldn't. Ended up that he needed blood work. I almost cried when he called me a liar. Broke my heart. So we came home with a monstrous bubble machine. But it's entertaining!

Lots of fun coming up! Stay tuned!

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