Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Walgreens is a joke sick......everyone's sick.

But life goes on. I had to bring John to his yearly check-up. He did okay. Cried the entire time about getting a shot (4 actually), but he lucked out and didn't have to get them because he's running a fever, and the shots could make it go even higher. No thankyou. So he didn't get them. Even though he still insisted on getting ice cream afterwards.

Then off to Walgreens to fill his meds/inhaler that his dr ordered. 1 hour later, I finally emerge from that craphole. The stupid blonde bimbo behind the counter put my son's (John) meds under an Adam's account. Yeah.....he wouldn't be too happy when his insurance billed him, lol. So I had to wait some more. Not a good day to be PMSing. That girl was two seconds away from getting her head torn off and shoved up her asshole. I was literally clenching my teeth trying not to tear her a new one.

When I'm sick, PMSing, and generally having a less-than-par day, just stay away. Will's been driving me up the wall. His meds are definately too low of a dose. Need to get that checked soon. But his grandma is taking him overnight tonight. A little breather for me.

But I still have too much to do. I need to start cleaning b/c you seriously can't even see my kitchen floor. I've been too busy/sick to do anything. I guess our good friend is coming over so that Joe can show off his new truck. Not nessasary considering the health of the whole family right now. But what can I do? I think I'm going to call the piano repair guy now and take things into my own hands.

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