Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New truck! '95 Ford F150!. New piano!

Holy wah, what an insane couple of days! (Don't I always say that??)

We did end up getting our new truck. Of course it was the first one that we saw. First instincts, should have listened to my gut. Would've saved us a heap of trouble. So it's all registered and insured. We are probably just junking my husband's old car. So do you want to read some of the cool features??? (and they are all odd for such a "lumberjack" truck)

It's a '94 F-150 X-cab 4x4. Blue.
-Custom upholstery
-Heated seats
-Power locks, windows
-Power REAR window. Yes, there's actually a switch to open that up, crazy hey?
-Crazy mood lights on the ceiling
-Lift kit (not sure how many inches)
-CRAZY big tires. I know nothing about tires, but they are so big that if you turn sharp enough, it scrapes part of the wheel well
-Custom exhaust, done by the previous mechanic owner. Once again, I know nothing about it. Just that it's duel exhaust.

So it's definitely a man's truck. We need to install a hitch and a CD player, but that's about it.

And for the piano! We got a free piano from these people out in Stephenson. So we packed the kids up in our new truck and bombed it. We hoisted it up in there, and it started to rain. We didn't bring a tarp. Damn.
We get it home, start getting it off the truck, Joe drops it. Then I couldn't hold it by myself, so I drop it. Yay.....................................................oh man was I irate! So there's going to be some repairs on it now. Hopefully we can fix it (by "we" I mean "Joe") or SOMEBODY'S going to be in the doghouse for a while. Can't complain too much. It WAS free!
Home-made chicken noodle soup is simmering while I type. And trust me, I'll let the world know if my husband fixes or doesn't fix that piano. (So excited to get it.............)

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