Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Sweat Pea

Fun fun Saturday. The boys slept at their grandma's house last night. So me and my cute little girl had some 1-on-1 time that we NEVER get. It was so nice being able to give her my undivided attention.
Some things I learned about Hailey:
1. She only recognises her "cell phone" as being a phone. Pull-along phones apparently don't look like phones anymore =).
2. She loves playing basketball.
3. She calls her daddy "Da-ee" soooo cute!
4. She knows that our dog loves stuffed animals and tries sharing hers with the dog!
5. She dances whenever the singing puppy sings.
6. She loves to feed everyone. I give her a piece of banana, she gives me a piece.

My boys are sooooooo loud and demand so much attention, she tends to just get lost in the comotion. That was one of the best evenings I've had in a while.

Anyways, today we dropped Hailey off with her grandma, and we went to an auction! It's one of the few things me and my husband LOVE doing together. So we definately take advantage of it. It's like a date for us =). A little advertising: Superior Auction, LLC. best auction company I have ever seen. I am literally addicted to following these auctioneers around the area. Not only are they awesome at their jobs, but they are so entertaining to listen to! You can view some of their upcoming auctions at Definately check them out, you won't be dissapointed!!

So we went. Great living estate auction. We came out with some tow chains, cabinet, garden bench, precious moments ornaments (another obsession of mine), wine accessories, and a BEAUTIFUL *Fenton* jewelry box with matching brooch and necklace of a butterflies in their famous glass. Absolutely gorgeous.

And yes, I will get pics of the truck up soon. My husband MADE me sit in the back on lawnchairs drinking beer late at night. if you want to take pictures of the "hicks" and send it to your friends, you can run past our house at night.

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