Sunday, April 5, 2009

Catch with Will

Lazy morning, busy day.
We are missing church today. Mainly b/c McCrabby pants is sick, and Jr. McCrabby pants insisted on sleeping in my bed. So I'm too tired to force everyone there. So once McCrabby pants wakes up, I promised the boys they can watch a movie we rented last night. 3D!

But today's going to be busy, of course.
1. Bring the piano from the garage to the living room. This means that we need to call Mike an bribe him with beer. (Check-check)(Mike was working. I had to move it. Now I can't move....)
2. Clean the house spotless. Piano repair guy is coming tomorrow (hence getting the piano in) and Hailey's 1st B-day party is Tuesday, and it's fixing to be a doozy!
3. Go to Younkers to buy Hailey's Easter dress. (Check-a-roo)
4. Go to Walmart to buy the boys' suits for Easter. Then shop for Hailey's presents. (Check)
5. Go grocery shopping for Hailey's b-day party.

But tomorrow's going to be the really crazy day. With the piano guy coming, and decorating the house, pre-preparing (does that make sense?) the food, and Will's wrestling practice. It's going to be crazy. Tomorrow I'll give a list of food that I'm serving, and maybe even a few recipes!! Except my veggie bar recipe. So far everyone says I make the best they have had, and I know of a *few* people who would just LOVE to know my recipe!

Mm....almost forgot! Yesterday was bunches of fun. Here's a few pictures for you to enjoy!

Joe and Will playing catch in the backyard-----

Hailey watching me take pictures of the guys-----------

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