Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter '09

Mmmm...mmmm....good looking day! Just got done dying eggs with the kids. They turned out wonderfully!

1. Make a trip to the dumps (done)
2. Go out for a jog (done)
3. Bring the kids to their grandma's house (done)
4. Start my new piano lesson book (done)
5. Buy Easter stuff (done)
6. Iron all the kids' clothes for Easter (done)
7. Play Easter Bunny
8. Watch Marley & Me
9. Take dog on a walk
10. Dishes, laundry, overall cleaning (done)
11. Buy a killer stop watch for my interval training (done)

Busy busy day. I'm hoping that by next summer, I will be ready to start running with my aunts, mom, cousins. So I'm starting my yearlong training. Should training really take that long? No, but when you haven't ran in the past 10 years, then yes! Cuz there is noooooooooo way I can compete in the shape I'm in.
On a lighter note, pictures of the kids and their eggs!
Will and his eggs-----

John and his eggs-----

Hailey and her eggs------

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