Monday, April 13, 2009

Camera Fair is a joke

I have such a headache.....
My husband gave me the green light on getting a new camera. I have an older Olympus Sylus. And I absolutely hate it. I was thinking about getting an SLR camera. Better quality photos, right?
Well, I went to the local camera store. (Anyone in the area will know which one). I told the person that I needed something with a fast shutter speed and high ISO. I need to take pictures of the kids' sports, and my husband's band. These are two really possitive things about getting an SLR camera. But the guy basically told me that I have no idea what I'm talking about, and that I need ANOTHER Olympus Stylus!!!! What?!?!

Look, I understand that an SLR is bigger, bulkier, and probably doesn't have the same zoom capabilities (unless I want to pay a lot on a slew of lenses) as a compact camera. That's fine. I still HAVE A STUPID COMPACT, I DO NOT WANT A NEW F-ING VERSION OF SOMETHING I ALREADY HAVE!!!

But my compact, if I want to shoot without the flash in the dark, it takes nearly 15 seconds on the shutter, so EVERYTHING turns out blurry. Yes, compacts you can now use manual settings. Awesome. Mine does to. But it likes to override ALL my decisions.

I used to use a film SLR in college. I absolutely loved it. My mom still uses it. Her camera is 5 years old, mine is 3. Her pictures rock, mine suck. And I've taken photography in college! I KNOW how to take awesome pictures. She can just point and click, and they still look better than mine. Totally not fair.

But he proceded to tell me that I need yet another compact. So I ask, then why does every professional photographer use SLR's??? Quoting him----"Because they don't know any better."
Seriously???? People that are professionals know nothing about cameras???? How is that even f-ing possible?

I'm seriously going to get my family photo done this summer, and I'm asking the photographer why they are so dumb as to use their SLR, then I'm going to hand them my awesome compact and insist they use it.....yeah....

The worst part is this camera guy is a relative of mine. How cute.....

So I'm not heeding his advice, and I'll probably get a beginner's DSLR camera from Walmart or something. I'm ripping out my hair. I just know that I'm not going to get my same f-ing camera, just a bit newer. F-ing genius....

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