Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Camera, Piano

Well, I ended up getting a DSLR camera. A Cannon Rebel. So I've spent most of the night yesterday getting aquainted with it. Some pictures turn out awesome, some not so much. But the more I play, the more I learn.

And I have a 30-day trail for Photoshop Elements 7.0. I understand only 1/1000 of the damn thing. I think it's way outta my league, but it did make a few of my old pictures pretty cool looking. So maybe I'll buy it, who knows. I have 29 more days to learn how to use it.

It'll be soooo much nicer to have quality photos in my albums. I'm so sick of the mediocre point and shoot shots. But do I really wanna lug that thing around everywhere?? We'll see....

So, on another note: It's my 2nd anniversary today!! Yay! Unfortunately we can't celebrate much. My husband has class until 8:00 tonight, and his prof. won't let him take the test another day. And Will's got a wrestling match tonight, so I'll be shipping me and the kids there.

And I can't practice my piano skills for another 3 weeks. It's in the shop getting an overall maintenance done. But it won't be that bad b/c I can keep myself busy dusting off my photography skills, lol. I wish wish wish I took that class a bit more seriously in college, lol.

And I looked through my old college book, but not a whole lot of info was found there. A lot of crap about how to develop film (glad I won't do that anymore!), but not a whole lot on composition. Then again, composition varies depending on your style, so I just need to find my style =).

So now I'm all geared up for the summer. Good camera and camcorder for sports, piano to keep Will busy (lol), truck to haul crap. Yep, it just may be a nice year for me. I need one of those....

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