Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Deck party, party, party

It's a bit late in the day. I like my early mornings when everyone is sleeping. It's more peaceful. But I got to sleep in today, so I can't complain, right?

Sooooo....Will has his appointment tomorrow!! It's like counting down a birthday for me =).

And today is the Goodwill Sale at Younkers. Bring in a gently used article of clothing, get a coupon. Easy, right?

Okay, so grilling season is right around the corner. And since my husband and I are getting our taxes back soon, we decided to address some previous complaints from our bbq patrons:

1. Insanely bright porch lights blaring in your eyes
2. Nowhere to put your plates when you eat.
3. Making 5000 trips from the kitchen to the deck.
4. Music blaring in the garage, but barely being able to hear it on the deck (pissy neighbors)

So since we bbq 2-6 times a week, we feel that these need to addressed. Some of the solutions I could do now, some not until the thaw happens.

1. I will be getting SOLAR POWERED (good on the budget AND the environment) deck lights. They will go on every post on both the front and back decks. No more lights in our eyes!
2. I started, and this spring will finish, a flagstone patio off the back deck. We already have the umbrella table to put on it. With swivel rockers =). I go high class =). No more food spilling off crappy paper plates!
3. I need to buy a screened storm window for the back kitchen window. Then we are relocating the grill and building a floating table where that used to be in the nook. The result: a pass-through window from the kitchen!
4. Younkers sells these cute wireless outdoor speakers. I'm investing in one or two. Problem solved!

We are bring the rock to 11 for our bbq's this summer. If you want a steak on a cool summer night, we welcome ALL friends and family to join us.

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