Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gotta love the West End!

It's before 8:00 AM and I'm already cranky. Yay.... after hearing about Will's wonderful use of language at his mother's house, I was looking forward to sending him to school. It's my chance for a break. Living with someone with Will's condition is hard. A classmate of mine had given up an adopted child because of it. But...of course...school had to be cancelled today. Marinette had only a 2-hour delay. But not Menominee, oh no, that would MAKE SENSE!

So I truck on. Knowing that on Thursday, God will give me a wonderful break. Will is back on his meds. But meds don't stop what he's been doing lately. Sailor talk. Yup, really vulgar language. Of course me and my husband swear occasionally, but never dirty talk.

And I know damn well who he's learning this stuff from. My neighbors. The first week of us living at our house, a neighbor child jumped on the roof of my car and told Will to "S++k my d++k" And ALL THE KIDS are like that around here. Such a nice house in a crap-shoot neighborhood. But there's not much I can do. I can't tell Will he's not allowed to play with anyone, and I can't tell the parents because they are JUST as bad. I hate to judge, but they are DEGENERATES!

But Will is writing an apology letter as I type, and he will be doing busy work for most of the day. Too bad I cleaned my house almost spotless yesterday, that would have given him something to do.

ON HIGHER NOTES: Will started wrestling, and I hear he is doing amazing at it! All that practice with his little brother =). Joe got hired from UW-Marinette to play drums in a play. Yay! Hailey is overcoming her fear of stairs. She's actually trying to climb them by herself. Super job! And we got rid of Oscar. No more barking, or biting people, or having the mailman stop delivering mail to our block, lol. I'll miss the little guy, but our house is sooooo much less stressful with him gone.
A tibute to Oscar---

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