Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gotta love the West End!

It's a beautiful, bright day today...except by my house. lol. Tough day

I was so excited to get Will back on his meds. It turns out that our new insurance won't cover his meds. So now we begin the process of fighting the insurance. Maybe next week he will have his meds. Let's hope.

AND once again, I'm dealing with my neighbor trying to steal my identity. She sits happily at her house, with cute new merchandise, as I get an angry phone call from a company that is demanding I pay $350 that I owe. What?! So now I have to send in a letter, AGAIN, showing the company that it wasn't me making those purchases. I may need to contact my lawyer, lol. Personally, if I wouldn't get in trouble, I would like to just go over there and punch her square between the eyes. She's one of those people that rides the "free money" train. Having as many kids as her body can handle, then refusing to get married b/c single mothers get TONS of cash.

In case you're wondering, this is the mother of the boy who taught my step-son some dirty language. Like I stated before....DEGENERATES!

God will eventually throw me a bone. Though it seems lately that he has a grudge against me. Nothing good has happened in the past few weeks. I need just one good hour of one day.

I think it's high time for a beer. It's past noon. And it may stop the shakes =)

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