Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hangover, Barbeques, yay!

Let the barbeque's begin!! We are cooking Angus patties on the grill tonight. Nothing homemade (which is my fav thing to do!) but still yummy. I'm pretty excited to smell that grill firing up.

And I MIGHT have a breakthrough on this identity theft problem I'm having with my neighbor. Let's cross our fingers! Two can play at this game.....mwahahahaha!

But physically, I'm not doing awesome. I've been into this health kick for a while. Buying organic, drinking green tea, making everything from scratch to ensure that there's no processed junk going into my family's bodies. And I've heard that drinking a glass of red wine a night can fight off certain types of cancer. So I go out and buy two different kinds and put them up on my wine rack. An entire bottle later, I realize that drinking A LOT of red wine isn't going to fight cancer, it'll just give you liver failure, lol. So I was sick. Lesson learned.

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