Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stupid window

It's a beautiful Sunday!

We went to church, and the kids behaved for the most part. Hailey's taken to singing along with the congregation. So cute =)

And since today was so warm and lovely, I've decided to start my deck projects, as listed previously. I spent all afternoon trying to get our kitchen window open. Taking out the old single pane storm window wasn't that bad at all. But the previous owners of our house not only painted the window shut. They also GLUED AND CAULKED it shut!! Oh man, I was sweating and swearing. "What would possess someone to do something so stupid?" "Figgin idiots..." "Why the hell would this EVER be a good idea?" That's some of my comical rants as I take a chisel to the window.

So we got the stupid thing open. It's still in rough shape. It's still hard to open and close, but that's what I have a man around the house for =). I'm golf waxing the crap out of it, and hopefull it will help. I have 3-4 weeks to wait for my new storm window to come in anyways. So I can putz with it some more. $15 more just because I have a retarded sized window. Rip-off....

Then I go check out the solar deck lights. Yeah, I'm not making that decision without my husband. So I'm trying, yes I'm trying to get these projects done before the major grilling season hits. We've already cooked out 3 times, and tonight will be our 4th. So I really need to get in gear.

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