Friday, March 27, 2009

K-lee's b-day

K, I lied, I'm up early enough to sit on the comp. Didn't think I would have time considering Mike came over last night and we were up late. Well, no....I went to bed at midnight. My husband came to bed at 3 =). Boys will be boys. But he still got up to bring his son to school! What a trooper!

Tomorrow I will be posting some awesome pics of K-lee's b-day tonight. And I'm bringing the camcorder, but unfortunately I can't put it on the internet until I get a new DVD ripper. I lost the serial # off of my nice one, and I'm almost positive I never registered it. So that's a complete loss. But I'm giving her the DVD anyways as part of her b-day present.

And Sunday we are celebrating John's b-day!! His b-day is actually Monday (30th), but he wants to go to Funset Blvd (i wanna go to FunPlace like Willie did!) so off to Appleton we go!!
So unless I get comp time after the party, Sunday you won't hear from me. Joe and the boys go to Sunda School at 8:15. Joe's teaching the younger kids this week! Then off to a Perkin's breakfast, then bombing it down to Appleton. Yay!

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