Sunday, March 29, 2009

John's birthday. K's b-day

Well, K's b-day was fun. Enjoyed the Gamblers game. We all were unreasonably drunk. I ended up getting picked up by my husband very early/very late. Long story. Mostly to deal with me drunk dialing. Yeah....holy man. But it was cool. I'm just not used to bar-hopping like that I guess. I just know I danced 'til my legs were sore.

We went shopping while we were down there. Crystal got some new cute sneaks. I got some cute heels (that the strap broke on while I was SITTING at the game. yay) and some shirts.

So today.....I skipped church because I needed more time. Oopsie! I bought John's cake (Spiderman!!) bought some wrapping paper, took John to my mom's house. She had him open presents there. LOVED his Mario shirts. Go Mom! Wayne's still pretty sore, so they needed to stay home.

And off to Appleton we went! Hailey was outrageos! She definately woke up on the wrong side of the crib this morning. She cried the whole way there. She barely sat still for dinner, cake, and presents, but then she did great once I let her loose in the toddler area. John and Will were winning tickets left and right. I played a few games. Helped John win a bunch. John rode the bumper cars which was SO CUTE!! Then Hailey rode the carousel. Aunt Elisa, Uncle Aaron, and Ethan also made it! Ethan's getting so big! Both he and Hailey had so much fun in the ball pit!

We cashed in our tickets, the boys came out with arm-loads of stuff. Then we went to the Fox River mall. Didn't do a whole lot there. All we basically did was decide on our new fridge at Sears and I got new earrings. Apparently I bought gauging earrings, and my ears still feel like they are on fire. Joe's calling me a pansie, but I don't care! It hurts! Noooo....I am NOT going to gauge my ears. Gayest thing I've ever seen......

On our way home I decided to stop at a car lot, b/c we've been in the market for a new truck (not NEW, but you know). We finally made our minds up on a '95 Ford (F-150 or F-350 I'm not sure, I had to pee) but we are going back tomorrow to check with the dealer and discuss prices. Hopefully tomorrow I will have new pics to post of it. Yes, it's a Ford, and yes, I'm a Chevy girl. But this truck is actually built very strong. Weird, right? Lol. If this truck actually stays with Joe for more than a year, I will change my opinion of Fords.

The only part the stunk about today was that I FORGOT MY CAMERA!!! I could just kick myself. Literally. I was soooo mad. Then I send Joe to the gas station to buy one. He comes back with a lighter, no camera. What?! Seriously?! Lol. But overall John had the best birthday yet

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