Thursday, March 26, 2009

New swimsuit.

Holy wah, what a busy day yesterday.

I got a new swimsuit. Took me FOREVER to find one. A white tankini with an open back. There were sooooo many bikinis that I wanted, but unfortunately being pregnant with my daughter had given me sooo many stretchmarks that my tummy looks like I got attacked by a bear. I'm not the type to have plastic surgery or anything, but if I ever save enough money, I'm lazering the shit outta them. =D

I went out to eat with my husband's family to celebrate his dad's b-day. It was nice. Kids were good for the most part.

Then I had to bring Will to his mom's house. And of course I forgot his meds. I always do. I remembered about 4 blocks from my house, but I was running late to get to my school, so there was no turning back.

And I didn't get to stay long at school. I didn't get a chance to practice my skills at much as I should have, but I least I got a new testing booklet to study from!

Then I had to rush home, grab the meds, drop them off, go to the store and buy a bunch of mini-products for my vacay in GB tomorrow. K-lee's b-day and we have a full adgenda. 1. Leave around noon 2. Go shopping 3.Swim at the hotel and beg them to let us check in early. 4. Take showers and get ready for....5.Going to a Gambler's game! And get tore up. 6. Stumble back to our hotel and finish the night out in their bar/lounge and pool.

Sounds like fun? Hell ya it does. Lol, I didn't even celebrate my b-day, but I'm super-excited about Kay's. Maybe cuz mine was on a Tuesday =). But either way, it's going to be a sweet time. I probably won't post anything tomorrow. I will definately be to busy. So Happy Early B-day Kay!
---Me and K-lee rockin my wedding

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