Monday, March 9, 2009

Haircuts, snowforts, appointments, oh my!

Yaya, a new bloggie for me to putz with in the morning before the kids wake up. Nothing like drinking a cup of Joe and relaxing before my hectic days start. My mini therapy.

Will's got an appointment this Thursday to be put back on his meds. His insurance finally pulled through, and we ARE HAPPY! The poor kid has been eating lunch in the office at school because he got banned from the lunchroom.

I can't imagine what it's like to have ADHD of ADD. Not being able to control yourself. Will is doing much better at home with his control, and that makes us hopeful that someday he won't need these meds. Our biggest fear is the bipolar, IF he has it. I cried when his dr. said he may have it. Poor kid....

And Hailey's starting to stand all on her own! Yay! I couldn't be more proud. She reminds me soooo much of her grandpa. Especially being a trouble maker, lol.

Nothing's ever really new with John. He'll be starting preschool this coming Fall, but that's about it. And he's OBSESSED with Mario Party 8. I think we all are. He's been very whiny lately. I think he's very tired with the winter. Aren't we all? I've been sending the boys outside more lately to get rid of their "cabin fever." They built a snow fort yesterday!!

And we got haircuts! I did both the boys', but I got mine done by my super-talented friend, Whitney. Hailey's growing a mullet, but that's okay. So is her dad =). I should probably cut his today.

Our haircuts-----

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