Sunday, December 19, 2010

Master Bedroom Plans

I feel like I'm just waking up after a long dream.

I haven't been around in a while, have I?

Yesterday was the last day of the semester for me, and this chick managed to pull off straight As! Studying for exams have taken up all my free time. That is the cause of my absence!

So now I have roughly 3 weeks of free time ( job), and as per usual, I have a whole pile of stuff that I want to get done.

Main project: the upstairs flooring.

Each room has a different type of carpet. Most of you that have been with me for a long time know that I. hate. carpet (almost as much as I hate carpet glue! Haha!)

So most of my efforts will be installing seamless laminate dark "wood" floors.
Fun, hey?

But you know how I am. One project makes me take on another...and another....and.....well, you know.

So while dreaming of these new floors, I decided that the master bedroom needed a little refresher.

(This is where a picture of my bedroom would go if I had one. My room is a disaster, and I'm too lazy today to clean it.)

Actually, I still sort of like my bedroom.
However, it lacks my personality. Plus, I have fine-tuned my decorating skills since the last time I have remodeled.

We bought an iron headboard full-price for over $500 when we first bought our house.  I wanted a sleigh-style headboard...

But our bed is right under a window. Unfortunately, it is the only place we can put a bed.

We knew we needed an iron one so that we wouldn't block any light.

I hate it.

I loath it.

I (insert hateful word here) it.

And you husband said that since it was so expensive (for our measly budget), we have to live with it for the next 20 years, at a minimum.


That is.....until I saw this picture over at The Lettered Cottage:

Oh my gosh! Could you just die?

She solved my problem!

So I'm "knocking off" Layla's bedroom!

My plans:
-planked walls just like hers.
-laminate floors, but darker than hers.
-bamboo shades, but the darker version to match the floors.
-drop cloths curtains (like hers), and I already have the curtain rod in storage from a demo project!
-this bedding from West Elm (that I know I'm getting for Christmas)

...but in the natural color. I already have the comforter to stuff it with!

Okay, so they are actually considered dressers, but they are pretty small. They have them on display at our local Kmart.
We really need the storage space with these nightstands. I'm going to love having more drawers!
-A small chandelier hanging above the bed. I'm thinking about doing some thrift shopping for this one. I love vintage!

This may take us a while to complete, but I'll keep you posted on the progress!

I still need to do a "wish list" post, don't I?
Hmmmm....that should be coming soon, I hope.

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  1. Brittany--
    congrats on the straight A's...yay!

    And... I can't wait to see your bedroom makeover. I bet Layla would be flattered that her bedroom is 'knock-off' worthy! I know yours will look wonderful. Hurry so we can all see it.


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