Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 20: Cut Down on Takeout

Takeout is rare in my house. It costs too much, it's completely unhealthy. We just don't do it.
I'm not saying that we never do takeout, or fast-food.

Try to keep takeout of fast-food to a 1-2/month limit.
Really addicted? Maybe 1-2/week. Set a reachable goal for yourself.

-Pack your own lunch for work. Better yet, pack it the night before so that you don't give yourself the excuse of having too hectic of a morning.
-Make large amounts of a meal and freeze manageable portions for future meals.
-Make dinner preparation a family event. My kids enjoy helping me, so I look forward to cooking with them.
-Not a cooker? Try signing up for a cooking class. You may find out that you love cooking!

Tell me how many times you have takeout/fast-food to be entered into my giveaway!


  1. My husband and I split the cooking - I cook Mon/Wed/Fri and he cooks Tues/Thurs/Sun. We leave Sat open for either an easy meal at home or more often to eat out. So I guess that means once or twice a week for us (once for dinner on Sat and we seem to do it for lunch on Sat as well). Though we are tying to gradually make those choices healthier. :-)

  2. It is RARE for us to eat out during the week...way too expensive with all the kiddos. But the man and I are TERRIBLE about it on the weekends...we eat out way too often, however, with just the two of us, it's sometimes cheaper (and obviously easier) than eating at home!


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