Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 21: Earn It

Remember when you used to save your allowance for that special toy you wanted at the store so badly? Great satisfaction comes when you earn something.
I, personally, get sick to my stomach when I buy something expensive out of a whim.

I got my new entertainment center for my birthday (from my hubs).
The problem was that we had a tiny box T.V on it.
We did have a flatscreen, but apparently water gun fights in the living room are a bad idea.

We had the funds for a new T.V, but I wanted to save up for it.
So I piddled away my paychecks (we live off my husband's), saved birthday money, returned cans for deposits, cashed in change, and did odd jobs.

Last night, we bought our T.V. =D

I'm still not sure how I want to decorate it.
Maybe an awesome vase on one side and a bowl on the other. Take down the pictures...
I don't know...

Anyways, we were up very late last night setting this all up.

I couldn't be more happy that this purchase was planned. It made it even more sweet when my hubs pulled into the driveway with it!

Tell me what you last saved up for! You'll be entered in my giveaway for all this free loot!
And yes, I realize that I'm still a day behind. Not only have I had the busiest week known to man, but I got sick. I'm just starting to feel like myself, so hopefully I will get back on track!

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  1. The last thing I saved up for and purchased was our flooring in our made a world of difference, and even though it's a pain to keep clean, it really updated our home. Now, I am currently saving for (and after my tax return should have enough for) a new vehicle for myself! I could've probably gotten a loan, but didn't want to add another payment to our monthly bills, so I'm saving until I have enough for what we need. Next up on the "to save for" list is new living room furniture! Can't wait! TV/Entertainment Center looks great by the way!!


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