Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving; Whimsical Alphabet

First off, happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!
Today I'm going to share a fun activity that you can do with your kids after you get done with all your festivities.
Whimsical Alphabet
I had those fridge alphabets. I'm not a big fan of having my house look like a circus tent. BUT my son's learning his alphabet, so I thought it would be a good idea to get them. Let's make them look better, though, shall we?
-alphabet magnets (I picked mine up at Walmart for only $1)
-spray paint (I picked white to match my fridge. Pick whatever color matches your fridge)
-Xacto knife
-Scrapbook paper
-spray poly
1. Lay out your magnets on a protected surface.
2. Spray paint all your pieces. It will take a few coats. Make sure you use something made for plastic, like Krylon Fusion.
3. Pick out your card stock. I liked this print.
4. Apply glue to the faces of the letters, then press them on your paper, face down.
5. Carefully cut around your letters with an Xacto knife. Then place them on a protected surface, face up. Give them a really good coat of spray poly.
6. Let dry, then place them on your fridge. Sorry, I just had to give myself a shameless plug
Have a great holiday, and remember: stay safe if you are going out shopping tomorrow! Even the nicest people turn ugly tomorrow!

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