Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Coming up Next...

Oh my, oh my. I'm breaking tons of promises lately.
Where to start?

First, I promised to show off a bunch of rooms of my mother's gorgeous renovations, but we were able to come back to our house sooner than I thought. Yesterday, actually. But I did manage to snap a photo on my way out. She has this awesome 4 pillared porch. I would LOVE to have that at my house, but it would mean a crazy construction project.
So here's a sampling of her porch.

And I also promised to show off my dressed table with my nice china. Monday was my only day I could have done it this week, and of course I was at my mother's.
But I won't disappoint you! I'll be doing them for an early Christmas dinner. So look for that in the next few days!

So, let's talk about what we have coming up.

Whimsical Alphabet, Two creative wreaths (don't miss these, they are the coolest things ever!), tons and tons of ornaments I will be showing you how to make, sneak peeks of the newest reveal (it's coming along faster than expected!), highlights of our annual Festival of Lights, fun Christmas recipes, and more. Stick around, I have a full agenda for you guys!

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