Friday, November 27, 2009

Powder Puff Wreath

I hope everyone's having fun today for Black Friday!
I think the door busters are getting worse and worse. Does anyone agree? It always used to be really cool stuff. I will probably pick up some towels since I have to go to work later on this afternoon, but that will be all. My big Black Friday trip, haha.
Anyways, I'll give everyone a really cool project to do after you're done sorting through your goodies.
Powder Puff Wreath
The genius of a wreath is obviously made for the bathroom. I'm completely smitten with it.
-powderpuffs (amount will vary with the size you do your wreath. I found packages of 3 at Walmart)
-ribbon (I did two different colors. One to make a bow, one to hang the wreath. You may only need the bow depending on how you are choosing to hang it.)
-Accents: I chose craft mirrors in assorted sizes and jewels colored to match my bathroom. (Choose your own accordingly)
-Xacto knife
1. Lay out your cardboard. Take a large dinner plate, place it on your cardboard face-down, then trace around it.
2. Do the same as above, but with a smaller plate, in the middle of the circle you made with the large plate. Use your Xacto knife to cut on the lines. That gives you your wreath form.
3.Start gluing your powderpuffs, puff side down, onto your wreath form. Continue this all the way around.
4. Glue on top layer of powderpuffs, placing the top layer at the seams of the bottom layer (like laying brick) until you've done in all the way around. (Refer to the pictures if I'm losing you.)
5. Let that dry long enough that when you tug on a powderpuff, it won't come loose. (I used Gorilla Glue.)
6. Start putting on your accents. This is how I did mine, but you're free to do whatever you like:
I alternated the mirror sizes all the way around on the top layer powderpuffs. I had silver and blue jewels, so I alternated colors all the way around the mirrors. Then I placed a silver jewel on the little part that you could see from the bottom layer.
7. Make a ribbon for your wreath and attach it.
8. I then attached a long, thick white ribbon to the back of my wreath to hang it with. I love wreaths hanging from ribbon. It's so classy!
9. Hang it up, and enjoy!
Alright, I have a laundry list of things for you to check out:
-What I did with those old shutters
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-I'm giving a tuturial (with lots of pictures!) on different ways to dress your table, depending on your needs.
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My school semester is ending mid-December, so a girl's got to stay busy, right?
Stick around ;)
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  1. How girly!! Cute idea!

    Thanks for linking up to SNS #7!

    FJ Donna

  2. What a perfect complement for a bathroom - I suppose you could just leave it up year-round if you wanted, it's so pretty.


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