Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Letter of the Day is.....

I've been shopping like a pro lately, so I'm going to show you two awesome deals that I just scored.

I've been wanting something to flank the sides of my patio doors for some time now. I found these at Younkers for only $4.50 a piece! They were originally $50 a piece, so I think I got a good deal ;)
Also at Younkers, dress shirt+tie for $7! And a new kitchen valance for only 75 cents! I love that place =D

I found this puppy at Bed Bath & Beyond for only $1.70! Original price=$19.99. I almost peed in the store! It's very heavy (so it's not one of those cheap Walmart wooden ones). The "P" is for my last name.

Tomorrow: magazine rack redo, then onto a look of my roman shades!


  1. Love the letter! I have wanted a big one for our front door, but mine and Will's last initial is P, Adam's is B and the little boys are S sooooo...not sure what to go with there! LOL! Either way...good deal you got!

  2. You could "PBS" but people might confuse you for the tv station =P


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