Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fern Plaques

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Here's my Knock Off:

I saw this picture in a Country Living magazine.

I instantly fell in love! When I saw the prices ($60 for a large one, $40 for a small) I knew there was no way I was going to be able to buy one. I wanted at least two of them, a small and large, so that would run me up $100+shipping and handling. No way!

So I made my own. And get this: It was free!

-Wood plaque (I already had two from an old woodburning kit)

I knew I didn't want the back to be green. My mudroom's walls are green, and well, that's just too much green! So I went with a white and black combo.

I just painted the face white, then very VERY carefully hand painted the ferns black.

I stuck on some hanging hardware, and done!



If you want these, you can contact Two's Company at 1-800-896-7266. Large-$60 Small-$40
Or you can drop me a comment and we can make arrangements!

I WILL be posting on my faux roman shades, a magazine rack redo, and an awesome find at an awesome store soon! Be patient with me!


  1. You HAND PAINTED those ferns? Nicely done! Can't wait to see them in person!

  2. Yeah, I was up 'til almost 1 in the morning painting those. I used to paint all the time, mostly oil. Now it seems like all I do is paint walls, lol. My talent is wasted =P.

  3. Wow-you have a very steady hand. What a great Knock Off. Thank you for posting to the party.
    Good Job.


  4. What a steady hand you have - your work is incredible! An awesome knock off!

  5. Yours are far more superior!!! That's awesome work lady.


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