Tuesday, October 5, 2010

U.P Autumn

There's something about the Fall in Upper Michigan.
It's my favorite season.
Crisp Air
Pumpkin pie

What's not to love? Not only that, but Fall comes early around these parts. The leaves have been sporting a magnificent red for weeks and weeks now.
(Okay, but that means that Winter also comes early. Ick.)

Though my schedule has been busier than usual this last week, due to a presentation, I managed to squeeze in quality time with the family.

So what do you do for fun during Autumn in the U.P?

Go to a corn maze, of course!

And go on hay rides.

And play in a "corn box."

We had a great day in Wilson, MI.

If anyone's from around my parts, Getzloff's Corn Maze is amazing! It only cost us $23 for our entire 5-person family.

Not only that, but they have the cheapest Autumn yard decor:

Pumpkin: $2
Hay bale: $3
Corn stalk: $4

You'll know your heading in the right direction if you pass this sign:

Haha. I love the U.P.

Happy Autumn everyone!

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  1. Cute pics! When I saw John and Will in their matching coats all I could think of was "Look! Doubles!" haha! What a cutie!


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