Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June To-Do

I don't want to start June.

May flew by so fast, I'm scared that June will, too!

This month is going to be crazy. I just looked at my course syllabus for school, and I have stuff to do before I even see the classroom! Summer courses are accelerated.


I also have a big Fourth of July bash every year, so I will be preparing for that.

I want to keep my To-Do list for June relatively simple. I didn't get much done in May because of a huge remodel.

So for June:

1. Build my fence.
This is my only project.
I'm not going to kid myself, this is going to take me quite a while! I won't have any time for other projects. Maybe mini projects...
But I have a pretty large yard. I have to make/install an arbor gate. I want a smaller picket fence in the front. Yeah....this one will take all month...

2. Surprise my husband with an awesome Father's Day gift.
Father's Day is in June, right?! Haha, I think so.... but anyways, I'm not telling what it is.  I have family readers, and this one can't get leaked out!

Last year we went to a mine. My husband loves our state history, and he was as giddy as a 5 year old in a candy store!

That's it!
Just one huge project and one personal goal. Not overloading this month!

But who knows...I just may end up taking on another ridiculous remodel.

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