Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Check For Cancer, You Bronzed Goddess!

If anyone's not aware, I've been going to school for nursing.

No, maybe it's not my dream job, but I actually think it's one of the most useful jobs ever.

My kids get sick, I know if I should bring them to the hospital or not.
I understand copious amounts of healthy-living choices.

So anyways, today I've got an important doc appointment.


Did anyone else tan like nobody's business in high school?
I did...
....a lot.

There's the "ABCD's" chart for mole checking to guess if it's cancerous.

This is the exact one in one of my schoolbooks.

I have two that are "uh-ohs."

I'm hoping that they are benign.

If it's cancerous, I'm hoping for basal cell carcinoma.
It generally doesn't metastasize (spread), and occurs roughly 73% of all cancerous moles.

Dig 'em out, and you're golden.

Anyways, I know this is an odd (disgusting?) post today, but I like every single one of my readers, and your health is very important to me.

Have you checked your moles lately?

Wish me luck!

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