Monday, May 10, 2010

A Surprise Feature

I was just scrolling through today's posts of blogs that I follow, when I randomly saw a picture of my bathroom closet!

I didn't link up to her or anything! She saw my project on The DIY Showoff, and thought it was great! So she also linked up to it!
Then another website featured me and linked up to Someday Crafts (the website is Craft Crave)
Check out the original post here.
Check out The DIY Showoff feature here.
Check out the Someday Crafts feature here.
Check out the Craft Crave feature here.

Wow, that's such a wonderful surprise! I'm really glad I'm a follower of her website or I wouldn't have known about that feature! Haha!

You know you're an addicted DIYer when:
-you receive lumber for Mother's Day and you're STOKED!
-you cleaned out the hardware store of not one, but two, different dimensions of lumber.
-you run down a store associate to 1. ask if they have any more lumber hiding somewhere. 2. give them your # so that they can call you immediately when it arrives.
-you see 10 store associates and at least 5 of them ask what project you are up to now.
-the stock boys will start loading your truck for you while you're still paying, because they know what you drive without even asking.
-you have a bonfire with friends all night long, and the fire is completely going from your scrap wood pile. At the end of the night, you still have 75% of your scrap wood pile.

There are worse things to be addicted to.

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  1. That's great, Brittany! How fun to have your bathroom closet features on so many blogs!!


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